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Solostove Smokeless Yukon Fire Pit with stand


Solostove’s unique double-walled design and 360? Signature Airflow Technology offers superior airflow with wood-burning flames achieving heat 400? greater than conventional fires, eliminating smoke and creating fine ashes.


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  • Low Smoke - Yukon's double-walled design offers superior airflow which enables wood-burning flames to get 400? hotter than conventional fires, eliminating smoke and creating fine ashes.
  • Efficient - Yukon's ultra-efficient burn brings your kindling and wood to brilliant flames in minutes. Start up isn?t just fast, it?s easy. .
  • Long Lasting - Constructed from 304 stainless steel, Yukon is built to be the last fire pit you?ll ever purchase.
  • Practical Design - With accessories designed to nest inside Yukon?s burn chamber, your outdoor space enjoys a clean look
  • Versatile - Yukon is burn-ready whenever you are, no matter the occasion. Enjoy a fire on your deck, in the yard, or at the beach with elevated peace of mind and Stand. Find additional protection with Shield, or enjoy ribs on the beach with the Fire Pit Cooking System
  • Signature Airflow - Yukon eliminates smoke to create an even hotter flame. Get the most efficient burn possible with 360? Signature Airflow Technology. Rising hot air is pulled through your fire pit?s bottom vent holes and sent to all parts of your fire. Hitting your burn chamber?s upper vent holes, air fans an ultra-hot flame to reduce smoke and effortlessly incinerate your logs to ash.

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Weight16 kg
Dimensions75 × 75 × 45 cm


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